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Three Good Things

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Memories, gratitude, connection

✓ Feel calm and connected
✓ See the good in every day
✓ Remember the moments that matter

A simple practice for a meaningful life. In 10 minutes a day, you’ll discover joy, feel present and connected, and become a happier, more intentional version of yourself.

What memories will you create?

  • 13-weeks of memories, gratitude, and connection.
  • Create a collection of 270+ good memories
  • Insightful weekly essays to inspire and inform your journey
  • Weekly reflections to gain perspective and look ahead with intention
  • Additional Resources: tips, prompts, and practices, proven to help improve memory, cultivate gratitude, and build connection
  • 100% recycled, FSC certified, 55lb natural paper for a smooth writing experience
  • Premium hardcover to preserve your memories
  • Ribbon bookmark, pick up where you left off
  • Undated pages to go at your own pace
  • Ancient forest friendly, soy based ink
  • 200 pages
  • Made in Canada
  • (LxWxH) 8.75" x 6.02"x 0.78",
    22.3cm x 15.3cm x 2cm
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13-week practice
Sustainably made
Three Good Things
Three Good Things
Three Good Things
Three Good Things
Three Good Things
Three Good Things
Three Good Things
Three Good Things
Three Good Things
Three Good Things
Three Good Things
Three Good Things
Three Good Things


It feels like a little river that clears away all the unimportant things and pushes the important memories somewhere safe on the shore so you don’t forget them.

- Lyndsay W

How it works.

Capture your favorite memories.

Reflect on your day and capture Three Good Things that happened.

You'll create a collection of memories and appreciate the moments that matter to you.

Build a practice of gratitude.

Start a simple routine that promotes wellness and teaches your attention to focus on the positive.

Nurture your well-being with the scientifically proven benefits of gratitude.

Create moments of connection.

Reconnect with the things that create joy, happiness, and fulfillment in your life.

Discover tools and practices to deepen connection with yourself, others, and the world around you.

"It works because it
changes your focus from
the things that go wrong
in life to the things that
you might take for
granted that go well."

Martin Seligman
Professor of Psychology and former president
of the American Psychological Association

Inside the practice.

Meet your new daily ritual.

How this practice helps.

Research shows adopting a gratitude practice can improve your physical, mental, and social health. Reduce stress, anxiety, and burnout with this daily ritual of noticing the moments that create happiness and fulfilment in your life.

Getting started.

Three Good Things is designed to be simple. Begin by reflecting on your day. Once you have a good memory in mind, write it down. Then ask yourself why that moment happened and write what comes up. It's that simple.

An example.

There are no right or wrong ways to capture your Three Good Things. We give you a few examples to help get started. Your practice may look different. Have fun and write what makes sense for you.

Weekly themes.

You'll be introduced to a new theme every seven days to inspire and inform your practice. Backed by research, these simple insights provide education, reminders, and prompts to help you live with meaning.

Seven-day reflection.

At the end of each week, you'll reflect on your last seven days and look forward to the next. It's an opportunity to relive your best moments, gain perspective, and look ahead with intention.

Additional resources.

Tips, helpful tools, and additional practices, to strengthen your gratitude practice, improve memory, and deepen connection.


Who is Three Good Things for?

You may be going through a period of change, or looking to get a new perspective on life.

You may feel overwhelmed, disconnected, anxious, or exhausted.

Maybe you're looking for ways to brighten day and add meaning to your experience.

This practice can help you feel calm and connected while discovering purpose and meaning in life.

When do I use Three Good Things?

All you need is 10 minutes, once a day.

Research shows practicing gratitude before bed helps to improve sleep. We recommend making Three Good Things part of your evening, screen-free routine.

If the evening doesn't work, first thing in the morning can be a great way to start your day from the positive.

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A simple way to feel better, every day.

Give yourself space to discover what you appreciate, what you value, and what creates joy in life.

You’ll shift your perspective to the positive and feel more connected to the things that matter most.

What you pay attention to grows.

Three Good Things is about learning to see the good.

Because the more you pay attention to the good in life, the more awareness you bring to those moments, the more plentiful they become.

Thoughtful design, sustainable materials.

Thoughtfully designed and crafted in Canada.

We strive to use the highest quality, sustainable materials, like 100% recycled FSC certified paper and soy based ink.

Success Stories

  • ★★★★★

    It’s like having a good buddy

    I think the biggest example of how this powerful little book has impacted my life is being able to look back on times where things were stressful or hard and realize that I actually made the best of it and have some great memories given the circumstances... It's like having a good buddy. Like your most friendly friend is like “Hey let’s spend some time together”. The book itself is crisp, clean, and encouraging. I adore the quotes above every page and I find that they help keep you motivated to write.

    - Kelly I

  • ★★★★★

    Space to recognize how fortunate we are

    You know that swirly feeling in your brain when you have too many experiences to process or thoughts that haven’t found their place to settle yet? Three Good Things feels like a little river that clears away all the unimportant things and pushes the important memories somewhere safe on the shore so you don’t forget them.

    It's been the catalyst for a lot of messages to family and friends thanking them for something small they did or said that week that made me feel loved and supported. Time goes so quickly and it’s easy to let the meaningful moments get all jumbled up in the tasks and to-dos. The practice of writing in Three Good Things helps us carve out the space to recognize how fortunate we are and regularly give love back to the people who make our life so wonderful.

    - Lindsay W

  • ★★★★★

    Life is more calm

    I've found that it delivers on its promise pretty quickly, which to me was that I would appreciate things more because I'm consistently focusing on gratitude. My life is more calm and I find my temperament is more chill.

    The biggest thing has been helping me start my day off slower. I used to wake up and jump straight into email/work, but now wake up, steep some tea, and sit down to write about yesterday in my Three Good Things journal. I then move on to reading a book. Not opening my computer and focusing on gratitude right after waking up helps keep me grounded and calm when I eventually start my day.

    - Mike U

  • ★★★★★

    Redirects my energy

    It redirects my energy and focus on the good, instead of feeling bogged down by the endless hamster wheel of raising kids, working and trying to 'keep up' with my full life.

    - Jenn S

  • ★★★★★

    Takes me less than 10 minutes, and makes a big impact on how I feel

    I've recently been diagnosed with ADHD and the process leading up to that was stressful. I often feel overwhelmed, in decision paralysis and have a difficult time with most mindfulness practices - I simply don't have the patience! The idea of finding three good things a day felt hard at first, but once I got started I saw that its simplicity is its superpower. Knowing that I'll be sitting down at the end of my day to recount the positive experiences I had that day helped me focus on them more when they were happening, however big or small they were. The practice takes me less than 10 minutes each day, and makes a big impact on how I feel. 

    - Lyndsay T

  • ★★★★★

    A more meaningful gratitude practice

    Most gratitude journaling feels a bit superficial to me, which makes it tough to feel like it helps much. Three Good Things guides you to go deeper & build a more meaningful gratitude practice, which can really help you to pay attention and become a more grateful person over time. I love the way the journal nudges you to reflect on cause & effect, which helps your practice to really become profound. Highly recommend.

    - Matt D

Give the gift of gratitude.

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