A simple practice for a meaningful life.

Thoughtfully designed, sustainably made – our simple practice helps you see the good in every day and create a life worth remembering.

Thoughtfully designed.

"Why not make an app?"

We get that question a lot. In the age of social and screens, we believe in creating experiences that lift us up instead of suck us in. 

Our guiding principle is “less but better.” Borrowed from acclaimed designer Dieter Rams, it’s a simple reminder to do more with less and embodies our values: Simplicity, Quality, Sustainability.

Less scrolling, more connecting.

Sustainably made.

There's only one Earth.

We do our best to treat it well.

Our products are crafted using FSC certified and sustainable materials, like 100% recycled paper and soy based ink. 

We produce in Canada to reduce our footprint when compared to manufacturing overseas.

Our Story

Hey, we’re Steph & Chris,

We’ve been there – overwhelmed, anxious, exhausted – feeling like there’s more to life as we watch it go past in a blur.

In 2020 we became parents. In the middle of the pandemic, with a new baby and an unstable world, we fell deep into a rut of overwhelm, stress, and depression, burnt-out and struggling to make time for meaningful connection.

Then Chris got sick. He was hospitalized and came very close to not coming home. But we were given a second chance. It was the wake-up call we needed to re-evaluate our lives. We asked ourselves, "Is this the life we want to live... is this the story we want to create?" and set out to answer that question.

We read, listened, and learned, but mostly we felt what it was like to connect and be present. Through this process, we discovered a simple practice that helps us appreciate the good and celebrate the moments that make life meaningful.

It began with the little things – putting down our phones, thanking each other, noticing small moments of joy, inviting gratitude into our lives – and grew into something that makes life feel whole.

Good Memories is about presence, awareness, and appreciation for the life you have and the life you’ve yet to live. It’s about paying attention to the little moments, spending time with the ones you love, and living a meaningful life worth remembering. 

What memories will you create?

- Steph & Chris ✌🏼

Three Good Things

Create a collection of memories, become a more grateful person, and feel calm and connected. It's the simplest thing you can do to feel better, every day.