The Good Life with Aaron de Jong

The Good Life with Aaron de Jong

Hey! Introduce yourself and tell us a bit about who you are.

I’m Aaron de Jong, an outdoor enthusiast and serial entrepreneur in the heart of my 30’s constantly working to embrace the greying of my hair, the variety of moods my 3 year old presents, while always trying to evolve who I am as a partner in my marriage.

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Educate us - what is movement health and why is it important?

Movement Health is the ability for anyone, at any age, to be able to move their body without dysfunction or pain. As we age out of our youth - our bodies become more rigid, hold postures we spend most of our time in, or create adaptations to compensate for old injuries. Over time, this can limit range of motion, decrease balance, cause tightness/soreness and in some cases pain. To me, movement health is fighting against any physical limitations and embracing a youthful ability to move freely in our bodies.

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How did you go from a high school teacher to the CEO of Movr, a technology company in the health space?

My first real mentor was my high school outdoor ed teacher. He was just such an approachable, strong and humble human. I started out just wanting to be like him and went to school to become a PE teacher. Along the way, I had to learn about biomechanics, exercise and how our bodies adapt to different experiences. I left school with some practical experience working in a gym and continued personal training. That lead to opening my own gym in Vancouver that I ran for about 10 years and in that time, wanted to scale up the assessment -> corrective exercise experiences the clients at the gym we’re getting. From there I started movr with my co-Founder who is a software architect… and now I find myself running a technology company (don’t ask me about tech).

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With Movr, it seems like you’ve been able to combine your passion for movement with meaningful work. What advice do you have for others looking to find purpose in their work?

I won’t pretend to have ’the answer’, but I think I’ve learnt that nothing comes easy, even when working on the things I love. I became an entrepreneur because I wanted to work on things I found interesting and could have a direct impact on with my efforts. Because I think movement health and exercise science are so fascinating, that passion has led me from teaching, to personal training, to gym ownership, to digital health. I know my path isn’t anywhere near complete in movement so I’m just here for the ride and will keep asking myself ‘do I love what I’m working on?’. 

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In addition to running a business, you have a young family and an active life, how do you prioritize your time?

Uhhhhhh, poorly? I’m lucky enough to have married a partner who reminds me to let go of to do lists (even if just temporarily) so I can feel my way through things. When our daughter came into the world, she didn’t care about my to-do lists at all, and I find that leaning into being present with her makes me more grounded and even efficient in running my business. In regards to exercise and health, I’m just grateful it’s a priority for both me and my partner so we do the best to encourage getting out the door together or on our own. 


Aaron de Jong and family 

What lights you up outside of work? Where do you get your energy?

Being in nature and pushing my body create a sense of calm in me I can’t express. Whether it’s climbing the chief, finding huge trees in remote trails, or being by the ocean, I really do find myself appreciating nature in restoring a better rhythm in my body and mind. Energy wise, there’s no secrets - I’ve become one of those parents who celebrates being in bed at 9 and the days where we eat real food and move our bodies.

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Who has shown up and supported you on your journey through life?

I’ve experienced some really painful loss in my life along with different self inflicted shame issues. Because of this, I was connected with a psychotherapist who I have worked with for over 15 years and can attribute any of the good things in my life, to lessons and guidance he’s provided that I’ve chosen to adopt. In addition to (and very much because of) him, I feel very grateful to share supportive and positive friends and family that I get to navigate adulting with.

How do you like to wind down at the end of the day?

Sleepy time tea, doing a crossword, a snuggle on the couch (with my wife or dog) and potentially a bowl of popcorn.

What is a good life to you?

A present, full of feeling experience that is shared with others.


Aaron is the CEO of movr. He can be found on LinkedIn.

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